Youth IGF Canada
Canada's Youth Internet Governance Hub

Youth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Canada is building the 
next generation of Canadian Internet leaders

Connecting Canada's Young Internet Governance Stakeholder Community

We connect the young Internet community in Canada through events and our open listserv.

Advancing Youth Internet Governance Opportunities

We work to find and advertise Internet governance opportunities for young people in Canada.

Ensuring Canadian Youth Representation at Domestic and International Internet Governance Spaces

We ensure youth in Canada have broad access to Internet governance opportunities both nationally and internationally.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Youth IGF Canada’s mission is to ensure Canadian youth representation at every Internet governance-related space, both nationally and internationally. We collect data, write reports, and advocate for young Canadians to have access to a trustworthy and open Internet.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a space and platform for the next generation of Canadian Internet leaders.

Recognized as Canada’s Youth IGF National/Regional Initiative (NRI) with the United Nations Global IGF.

We also collaborate with the Canadian IGF to broadly support and represent Canadian Youth as Internet stakeholders.